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Mat Teknik Plastik Ltd. Şti. was established in 1993 as a small, three partner company. In short time, it became a family company and continued its trade business in Engineering Plastics.

In 1995, Mat Teknik Plastik Ltd. Şti. started manufacturing Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) with small quantities by importing PTFE powder as row material. In 1997, by moving to its own facility, it expanded product variety and production capacity, improved the quality.

When the year was 2001, our subsidiary company PLASTEK TEKNIK PLASTIK LTD. ŞTI was established and started manufacturing special seal parts from PTFE. Plastek Teknik Plastik was specialised especially manufacturing PTFE gaskets and rings used in ball valves.

As parallel to our increasing potential, our companies was moved to their factory building which has thousand square meters indoor space in 2006. We are stil residing in our same factory building that is in Dudullu Organised Industrial Zone. Our companies are manufacturing Engineering Plastics withmore than twenty qualified employees and engineers by using fully automated press machines and CNCs. We are serving our industry with consumtion of approximately 60.000 Kgs of PTFE annually.

In addition to PTFE, by importing other Enginnering Plastics such as polyethyne (PE), polyamide (PA), polyoxymethylene (POM), we have generated a large inventory. We are selling those semi-finished materials as sheet, tube and wedge. Moreover, when there is need from companies and people, we provide technical assistance and consultancy services.


In addition to our Teflon production, a large stock has been created by importing some of the other engineering plastics such as polyamide, polyethylene types, delrin, kestamide fiber and polyurethane.

Mat Teknik Plastik

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